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Introduction of stainless steel air pressure reducing valve

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YK43F-16P stainless steel pressure reducing valve consists of two parts: main valve and pilot valve. The lower part of the main valve body has a lower cover, main valve spring, main valve disc, and the main valve disc is supported by the main valve spring to keep the main valve in a sealed state. The upper part of the valve body has a piston, cylinder liner, etc.; when the piston is under pressure from the medium, the gas pressure reducing valve pushes the main valve flap by the cylinder liner to open the pressure reducing valve; the pilot valve body contains a pilot valve spring, a pilot valve disc, and a diaphragm The pilot valve spring supports the pilot valve clack to keep the pilot valve in a sealed state; there are adjusting springs and adjusting bolts in the upper cover of the pilot valve of the nitrogen pressure reducing valve to facilitate the adjustment of the required working pressure.

stainless steel air pressure reducing valve

Model of YK43F-16P stainless steel pressure reducing valve:

YK43F-16P, YK43F-25P, YK43F-40P, YK43F-64P, YK43F-100P

YK43X-16P, YK43X-25P, YK43X-40P, YK43X-64P, YK43X-100P

Basic performance of YK43F oxygen pressure reducing valve:

(1) Pressure regulation range: It refers to the adjustable range of the output pressure P2 of the pressure reducing valve, within which the specified accuracy is required. The pressure regulating range is mainly related to the stiffness of the pressure regulating spring.

(2) Pressure characteristic: It refers to the characteristic that the output pressure fluctuates due to the input pressure fluctuation when the flow g is a fixed value. The smaller the output pressure fluctuation, the better the characteristics of the pressure reducing valve. The output pressure must be lower than the input pressure-the fixed value does not basically change with the input pressure.

(3) Flow characteristics: It refers to the input pressure-timing, the output pressure changes with the change of the output flow g. When the flow rate g changes, the smaller the change in output pressure, the better. Generally, the lower the output pressure, the smaller its fluctuation with the change of output flow.

Installation and maintenance of oxygen pressure reducing valve YK43F-16P:

1. For the convenience of operation and maintenance, the valve is generally installed upright on a horizontal pipeline.

2. When installing, pay attention to the flow direction of the medium in the pipeline and the direction of the arrow shown on the valve*.

3. In order to prevent overpressure behind the valve, a pressure reducing valve should be installed at a place no less than 4M away from the valve outlet.

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