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Innovation and development, Wuyue to build its own brand of safety valve

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On the road of China's industrialization, there are many development difficulties. Especially in the face of increasingly tense international industrial competition, China's industrial products have no competitive advantage in the world and lack of independent innovation national brands, which has also become a major problem restricting the rapid development of China's industry. To solve this problem, the state has also formulated relevant policies and strategies to help industrial enterprises embark on the industrial road of sustainable and balanced development. Shanghai Wuyue pump and valve is a rapidly rising manufacturer focusing on R & D and manufacturing of safety valves under such a background environment.

Wuyue to build its own brand of safety valve

In order to improve the market competitive advantage, Shanghai Wuyue pump and valve has been committed to the R & D and manufacturing of various pump and valve products since its inception, especially for the R & D of safety valve products. A series of different types of safety valve products such as spring safety valve, pilot safety valve, boiler safety valve and power station safety valve have been developed in a short time, To adapt to the working environment under different working conditions.

In addition, Shanghai Wuyue pump and valve has made real efforts and efforts in building the brand. On the one hand, the enterprise continues to strengthen brand publicity to ensure that all pump and valve products produced by the enterprise should meet relevant standards. The person in charge of the enterprise leads the company's team to participate in various foreign and domestic fairs every year to promote the enterprise's products to the market, accept the test of the market and establish a good brand image. On the other hand, the enterprise also continues to improve the service system, regularly modify the inspection standards and maintenance policies of pump and valve products, eliminate the emergence of fake and shoddy products, constantly strengthen the enterprise's brand building awareness, and do not allow any events that damage the brand image.

wuyue spring safety valve

Building an independent brand is a long-term and difficult development path. However, only when all enterprises can establish the awareness of independent innovation, understand the importance and gold content of the brand, and make unremitting efforts can they really walk out of a road of industrial brand development suitable for China's national conditions. Finally, we should also emphasize the positive role of consumers in brand building and maintenance. We should constantly optimize the consumption environment and make consumers aware of the uniqueness of the brand. If something detrimental to the enterprise brand occurs, it must be used to stand up and safeguard their rights and interests. At the same time, the relevant national regulatory authorities will also play the role of supervision and inspection, improve the ability of information collection and analysis, and actively maintain the image of the enterprise brand.

In the future, we have reason to believe that there will be more and more national industrial brands in China, moving from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing", and constantly distributing the magical charm of Chinese science and technology on the international stage. (sunmedia)

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