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Quality and innovation go hand in hand, Wuyue safety valves pry industry development with strength

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The development process of any industry is a microcosm of the country and the process of the times, many industries in China have experienced the whole process from scratch, such as the 1970s national defence engineering, to the 1980s space, the 1990s digital information technology, and each key node of progress, are inseparable from the foundation of the valve industry.

As a special branch of the valve industry, the application of safety valves can be very extensive, from chemical and petroleum to gas transportation, many industries are inseparable from a small safety valve, as the control of key nodes of the valve, it even mastered the rise and fall of many industries.

switching safety valve /changeover valve

How does such an important safety valve work?

Safety valves are installed between pipelines or within equipment and can be opened automatically when the pressure or temperature exceeds a set value, releasing the medium to balance the pressure and temperature inside the pipeline.

After more than a decade of development, China's safety valve industry has a larger scale and technical strength, born in 2008, the Shanghai Wuyue Pump and Valve Group Co. With a diverse range of safety valves such as national standard safety valves, American standard safety valves, German standard safety valves and switching valves, the company has gained wide recognition in the market.

Switching safety valve /changeover valve

As one of the industrial valves in the industry, the innovation and development of Wuyue safety valves is always based on quality. In order to ensure product quality, the company has set up a professional quality inspection team and introduced advanced quality inspection equipment from abroad, each product needs to go through one testing process after another before it leaves the factory to ensure stable use before it is put on the market.

If quality is the cornerstone of enterprise development, then innovation is the sharp edge of thorns. Wuyue safety valves also have great investment in innovation, through the establishment of a special innovation R & D team, for the product structure, performance for targeted optimization. Companies continue to insight into the use of users, demand-oriented quality upgrades, with strength to pry the development of the industry.

pilot operated safety valve

With the emergence of diversified needs, a single production standard has been unable to meet all users, so the valve industry must be quality and innovation as a double driver, for different user needs to start product innovation, and strive to create more customized innovative products, in the direction of refinement, intelligent layout to accelerate the rapid and efficient development of the safety valve industry.

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