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Shanghai WUYUE strengthens the digital foundation of safety valve industry

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Since the haze of the world war subsided, the technology of human society is developing at a rapid pace, the introduction of the steam engine occupied eighty years of people's time, while the atomic bomb was quickly developed in six years, every 10 years the number of scientific and technological inventions in human society will successfully double, in recent years the development of key equipment technology continues to accelerate, digitalization has brought a new life for various industries, and as the basic equipment Is the safety valve industry able to safely and steadily achieve digital transformation?

safety valves

Shanghai Wuyue's development path may give the answer.

The reason why safety valves are widely used in production life is due to their special performance, which can provide a safety line of defence for production life. When an overpressure accident occurs, all emergency operations of other equipment will fail, at which time the safety valve can operate normally and provide overpressure protection for the equipment, and in the past years of development, the value of safety valves has begun to be recognized.

safety valves

Shanghai Wuyue began to broaden the product classification and launched safety valves for different enterprises and different needs, which can include A48sY high temperature and high pressure spring fully open safety valve, A48sH high temperature spring fully open safety valve, A47H/Y spring micro-open safety valve with spanner, A46Y/F pilot operated safety valve, A411 breathing safety valve, A type \TA refinery safety valve series, AQ-20/25 air compressor safety valve, etc., there is good feedback of use in the market.

Due to the special nature of the safety valve, the quality and stability of the requirements, in order to ensure product quality, Shanghai Wuyue will focus on the digital transformation and upgrading, fully automated production greatly reduces the error rate of manual operation, can be more stable production and processing, so that the product and the design parameters without error, in the face of the personalized use of enterprise demand, but also faster response, to create a high-quality safety valve in line with demand. Shanghai Wuyue has taken a high quality development path to upgrade the quality of safety valves and improve the safety and reliability of safety valves.

safety valves

The use of digital technology can also achieve continuous detection during the operation of the safety valve, in the event of abnormal starting of the valve, it will immediately send an alert to the management staff, and the relevant data will be detected and analysed to help the management staff to better detect and repair, reducing the probability of accidents due to the failure of the product itself.

Digital transformation is an inevitable trend in the development of the new era, the safety valve industry is also bound to usher in a broader space for development in the east wind of digitalization, the only way to seize the opportunity of digital development, in order to take advantage of the rapid growth of new achievements in science and technology, to the future of high-quality development at high speed.

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