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Correct installation and maintenance of explosion-proof flame arresting breather valve makes the production steady in progress

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Explosion-proof flame arrestor breathing valve is a common valve, is to maintain the tank air pressure balance, reduce the media volatilization of safety and energy saving products, its explosion-proof breathing valve set flame arrestor function and breathing valve function as a whole, is the necessary new safety equipment for petrochemical storage tanks, commonly used in the domestic market, is the safe application of petrochemical storage tank "pill".

Shanghai Wuyue Pump and Valve Group, as an enterprise that has been deeply involved in the industry for many years, is the leader in the industry from technology, service to after-sales service, and its explosion-proof flame arrestor breathing valve has a high market share in the domestic market, which has a lot to do with its manufacturing technology and process.

The principle of the product is to use the weight of the positive and negative pressure valve disc to control the positive pressure of the exhaust and negative pressure of the suction of the tank. When pumping out the medium outside the tank. So that the pressure of the upper gas space inside the tank drops to reach the negative pressure of the breathing valve operation, the atmosphere outside the tank will top off the negative pressure valve disc of the breathing valve, so that the outside gas into the tank, so that the pressure inside the tank no longer continue to fall, so that the air pressure inside and outside the tank balance, to protect the tank safety device. When the pressure of the medium inside the tank is within the control pressure range of the explosion-proof fire stop breathing valve, the breathing valve does not work to keep the tank airtight; when the medium is added to the tank, so that the pressure of the upper gas space inside the tank rises and reaches the positive pressure of the breathing valve, the pressure valve is opened and the gas escapes from the breathing valve outlet, so that the pressure inside the tank does not continue to increase.

explosion-proof flame arresting breather valve

Explosion-proof fire damper breather valve is widely used, and its installation method is also crucial. Shanghai Wuyue Pump & Valve Group has set up several after-sales service outlets, which can come to the door to provide after-sales service for customers more quickly and provide manufacturers with proper installation guidance through videos and manuals.

First of all, the explosion-proof flame arrestor breathing valve is installed at the highest point of the storage tank in order to reduce the evaporation loss of materials and maintain the air pressure balance inside and outside the tank. General vertical tanks, explosion-proof firestop breathing valve installed in the central range of the tank roof; for the tank roof need to set up insulation layer of the tank, explosion-proof firestop breathing valve can be installed near the ladder platform.

2, explosion-proof flame arrestor breathing valve factory flange sealing surface with plastic protection cover, so as not to cause damage to the flange sealing surface in transit, the goods to the site installation, be sure to remove the flange protection cover, and then installed vertically on the top of the tank tank. Breathing valve can not be placed horizontally and upside down, if the top of the tank needs to install two explosion-proof fire dampening breathing valve, breathing valve and the center of the top of the tank should be installed symmetrically.

3, explosion-proof flame arresting breathing hole positive and negative pressure threshold disc is constantly changing according to the tank pressure rise and fall, up and down movement. When the breathing valve is used for three years, it is generally necessary to replace the valve disc inside the firestop breathing valve, the guide rod and the sealing surface of the valve seat to ensure that the firestop breathing valve works normally and maintain the safe operation of the storage patch.

Not only the installation should pay attention to the way and method, the maintenance of the product is also very important. Explosion-proof fire-blocking breathing valve maintenance and maintenance once a month, twice a month in winter. First, the valve cover gently open, the vacuum valve disc and pressure valve disc out, check the valve disc and valve disc seal, valve disc guide rod and guide rod set have no oil and dirt, such as the flooding of oil and dirt should be removed clean, and then installed back in place, pull up and down a few times, check whether the opening is flexible and reliable. If normal, and then the valve cover cover tightened. In the maintenance and repair, if the valve disc is found to have scratches, wear and other abnormalities, it should be replaced immediately or contact with the professional installers of Shanghai Wuyue Pump & Valve Group Company to get the solution in time. The front end of breathing valve is composed of pressure valve and vacuum valve, which is installed on the air pipe of cargo oil tank and can open and close automatically with the change of positive and negative pressure of oil and gas in the cargo oil tank, so that the difference of air pressure inside and outside the cargo oil tank can be kept within the corresponding value.

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