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Wuyue safety valves focus on "double carbon" target and land on the green track

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With the promulgation of the "Double Carbon" strategic goal, the whole society is overflowing with a strong atmosphere of green protection, from one hour of power outage to one kilometre of cycling, people are reducing carbon emissions in various ways to provide a small contribution to the implementation of the "Double Carbon" goal. As the main force behind the "double carbon" target, major enterprises have also been jumping on the green track, from food and drug to chemical and oil, accelerating the pace of green development and opening the door to a green future.

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In recent years, the country's economic construction is advancing rapidly, the need for pressure manipulation of equipment projects and engineering is also increasing, safety valves began to appear more and more in the field of vision. As a major basic industry, the safety valve industry also began to layout the green track, become a part of the green future, to professional commitment to the development and manufacture of various types of safety valve products, Shanghai Wuyue Pump Valve Group Co.

Reject high energy consumption to reduce carbon emissions

In the actual use process, energy consumption is an important indicator to measure its environmental value, high energy consumption products will not only increase the input costs of using enterprises, but also have an irreversible impact on the environment, so the product in terms of energy consumption needs to be reduced again and again. Wuyue safety valve with the structure and selection of materials in the bold innovation, careful implementation, to achieve the product farming energy consumption, and to create a set of professional production process, not only the product in the production process of low energy consumption, in use can also take the initiative to reduce energy consumption, reduce the overall carbon emissions of enterprises.

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Speeding up on the green track with increased investment

Numerous cases have confirmed that technology-based enterprises have more advantages in product upgrading. In order to better achieve product performance improvement, Wuyue safety valves on the one hand actively improve the technological strength of enterprises, through the introduction of big data, artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies, according to market demand to adjust the product structure, and in the use of new materials and the choice of more investment to improve the stability and reliability of products and improve the hard power of competition. On the other hand, we actively absorb feedback from enterprises, enhance user satisfaction from both product and service aspects, dig deeper around demand, enhance the soft power of innovation, and create more products that can help enterprises achieve green development by taking demand as the guide.

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Green development has become a global development trend, reduce carbon emissions need to start from every detail of production and life, from low carbon to zero carbon, to come out of a characteristic sustainable development road, and for enterprises, it is more important to start from the product level, reduce the overall energy consumption of the product, and firmly take the green development road, in order to accelerate the global "double carbon The "Double Carbon" strategy will be implemented.

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