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Wuyue safety valves broaden product matrix to help industry development

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How to broaden the product matrix is a mandatory course for every brand, for the valve industry, broadening the product matrix means digging more demand points, mastering the difficulties and problems faced by users in the process of use, and improving the new products with innovative research and development to meet more differentiated needs.

In the broadening of the product matrix, each enterprise has different attempts, Wuyue safety valve as a well-known innovative enterprises, with three measures to improve quality and efficiency, to broaden the product matrix to create a warm and thick soil.

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Tapping potential demand

There are demand pain points in order to have product innovation, how to dig deep into the potential demand, and strengthen the transformation from demand to new products is the first important issue. Safety valves will face many different operating environments in the process of use, these environments often bring different actual performance of the product, so it is impossible to generalize, the need for companies to determine the potential demand points through the comparison of indicators, and find solutions.

Wuyue safety valve is demand-oriented, its national standard safety valve, American standard safety valve, German standard safety valve, switching valve are aimed at solving the actual needs of users, different products are suitable for different types of engineering projects.

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Honing design creativity

When after a series of analysis, comparison, digging out the needs of users, it is necessary to use the strength of science and technology to transform the results into design ideas, which requires enterprises to continuously improve technical strength, the introduction of advanced technical means and equipment, and on the basis of foreign advanced technology for localization, to create more designs that can meet the national conditions and meet the actual needs of use. A strong professional team has been created in the field of product development, which can polish design ideas according to the needs of users and provide a more stable and good use experience.

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Meeting differentiated needs

Many users in key industries are very clear about their own needs. To ensure the effectiveness of the safety valve, each user needs to be treated differently, or even adopt a localised and tailor-made strategy to precisely match the user's needs, and cut out small sub-categories from large categories to address the needs that are difficult to cover with ordinary products. The product echelon of Wuyue safety valves is a reasonable solution to the needs of different users and is widely acclaimed in the market.

What makes a brand unique is not mass appeal, but differentiation. Only by continuously using differentiation to launch innovation and broaden the product matrix with scientific research and development can we walk steadily in the fierce market competition, grasp the initiative of development and lead the high-quality development of the industry.

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