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Domestically produced safety valves have obvious advantages "Made in China" to break the import cycle

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safety valves

More than a decade ago, due to the lagging development of many technologies, the international community has always had "tinted glasses" on China's technology sector. dependence on imports of our major basic components. A recent news sparked widespread concern, oilfield gas and chemical technology company thermoelectric power equipment group will be 8 imported safety valves replaced by domestic safety valves, which is not only the trust of domestic safety valves, but also in the name of the national product.

Although the safety valve is a basic component, but shoulders the important responsibility of engineering safety, in the past, China is very dependent on imported safety valves, with the rise and advancement of Chinese enterprises, the division of long technology to control the barbarians, through the continuous learning of foreign advanced technology and ideas, and localization of the improvement, now China's safety valve production technology, production levels have caught up with international.

safety valves

Quality products to break import dependence

National enterprises gradually began to get rid of dependence on imported products, as of now there have been countless enterprises to achieve the full localization of basic components, the bottom of the national product from the continuous innovation of enterprises, Shanghai Wuyue Pump Valve Group as the representative of the safety valve manufacturers through diligent practice of internal strength, to build the core of quality, to achieve the continuous upgrading of quality, according to the relevant test data show that Shanghai Wuyue production of safety valves According to the relevant test data, the quality of safety valves produced by Shanghai Wuyue has reached almost 100%, which has become more and more stable in the long-term training of the market and has been recognized by many Chinese enterprises.

The product range of Shanghai Wuyue Pump & Valve Group can cover all kinds of valves, pumps, pipeline equipment, water treatment equipment, product service and technical support are equally important, after the products are sold, the enterprise's after-sales department will be on standby 24 hours a day to solve the after-sales problems raised by users and help users achieve better results.

safety valves

Tailored services

Different enterprises have different production environments, so the quality of the product for the safety valve, performance specifications have more specific needs, in order to meet the needs of all users, Shanghai Wuyue in the creation of general valve at the same time, will be for different enterprises to launch customized services, products can be designed according to national standards, German standards, British standards, American standards, Japanese standards, specific parameters can be communicated with the user, to achieve a true on-demand Customized.

Shanghai Wuyue Pump & Valve Group actively cooperates with senior manufacturers in China to introduce advanced technology and concepts, and to check and fill the gaps in its own production status.

Market feedback is the best litmus test for products, domestic safety valves can successfully break the development bottleneck, overcome technical public relations, not only need excellent enterprise driven, but also need the whole industry's joint efforts to promote.

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