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Deepening quality reform, Wuyue safety valves build a "firewall" for production safety

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Different from traditional valves, safety valves play an important role in production safety, with a special opening and closing mode, often used to ensure the safety of engineering and production, the quality of safety valves can directly affect the progress of the project, and even related to the operator's personal safety. In order to improve the quality and performance of safety valves, China's valve industry has been in the exploration, Wuyue safety valve as a well-known enterprise in the industry, through years of deepening quality reform, set a benchmark for the quality of safety valves.

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In China's many valve categories, safety valves due to the special value and was given a greater mission, so only manufacturers with professional qualifications to carry out research and development production and sales of safety valves, Wuyue safety valve is one of them, as a well-known enterprise in the industry for more than a decade, each year there are a variety of innovative products launched, national standard safety valves, American standard safety valves, German standard safety valves, safety switching valves, etc., diversified The diversified product categories occupy a large share in the market, and are commonly used in railway tank cars, oil wells and other scenarios, with good market feedback.

safety valve manufacturer in china

During more than a decade of development, Wuyue safety valves have always put production safety in the first place, strictly following the standards and requirements set by the industry, taking the Special Equipment Manufacturing License as the red line for production, and building a whole industry chain quality control system, with each link in the industry chain being both an exporter and a supervisor of quality, thus creating traceable and excellent quality. A special testing department has been set up within the company to ensure that every link of the production process meets the standards perfectly, while constantly overcoming technical difficulties and upgrading the quality of the products.

safety valve manufacturer in china

As a leading brand in the industry, Wuyue safety valve in innovation has never been stingy in investment, in order to improve the efficiency and strength of the enterprise new product development, and actively introduce advanced production equipment, production concepts and production technology, and according to the specific needs of users to improve, to create a diverse product matrix, to meet the safety needs of different users, to promote the safety valve industry into a new stage of development rely on quality to win.

In the quality of the 21st century, the only way to deepen the quality of the valve industry reform, in order to truly set up a "firewall" for production safety, with the rapid development of the economy, the valve industry market size will also usher in a new round of growth, how to ensure safety and quality in the case of product innovation, Wuyue safety valve gives its own The answer.

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