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Q41F Forged Steel Floating Ball Valve

Q41F Forged Steel Floating Ball Valve

Product Category:BALL VALVE
Product Name:Q41F Forged Steel Floating Ball Valve
Product Tag:Forged Steel Floating Ball Valve
Update Date:2021/8/30 23:25:20

Note: Our Products Can Be Customized According To Customers' Needs. In Addition To National Standards,We Can Design And Manufacture According To American Standards, Japanese Standards, German Standards, Russian Standards, British Standards And So On.

Features of Q41F forged steel floating ball valve:

1. Forged materials ensure sufficient hardness and strength under the maximum rated working pressure, and are used without inherent defects. Adequate wall thickness determines the car body, adapts to different high-strength bolt valve systems, and facilitates maintenance and valve handling of pressure pipeline valves. The internal structure is carefully designed, and various working reliability can be selected according to working conditions.

2. Fire safety structure: When the trunnion ball valve is in normal use, it adopts the seat and spherical method, the seat holder O-ring and the stamping body cover, this is a soft seal, when the seat and O-ring are injured The seal is reliable, and the seat holder and the body will be covered with expanded graphite to ensure fire safety.

3. Anti-static equipment: In order to prevent the friction between the balls, the static electricity generated by the rod and Teflon may ignite flammable materials and explosives, thereby causing accidents. In this ball valve, the static conductive spring between the valve stem and the ball, the valve stem and the valve body are therefore static and grounded, and the system is safe and reliable.

4. Freely leaking body sealing structure: smooth, valve switch position, valve body and valve cover double-cap gasket and O-ring, on this basis, such as fire, high temperature, shock absorption and uneven opening or closing torque, etc. Will cause external leakage.

5. Low torque operation: The self-lubricating bearing is installed on the friction dry battery, which has abrasion resistance, flexible operation and low torque.

6. Reduce the groove of the automatic valve body: When the body pressure rises abnormally, such as unstable factors, the valve seat downstream of the trunnion ball valve will be under normal pressure, and the abnormal automatic release pressure will not damage the valve seat upstream of the seal.

7. Various driver types: The top gasket of the valve is designed according to ISO 5211. Facilitate communication and connection. Various drive types are manual, electric, pneumatic, pneumatic/hydraulic.

8. Q41F Forged Steel Floating Ball Valve-Implementation standards: Design and manufacturing standards: BS5351, ASME B16.34 Structure length: ANSI B16.10 Flange connection: ANSI B16.25 End of docking: ANSI B16.25 Test and inspection: API 598 body temperature rating: Class150, maximum 275

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