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J41F46 Type Fluorine lined Globe Valve

J41F46 Type Fluorine lined Globe Valve

Product Category:GLOBE VALVE
Product Name:J41F46 Type Fluorine lined Globe Valve
Product Tag:Fluorine lined valve
Update Date:2021/8/21 15:24:02

Note: Our Products Can Be Customized According To Customers' Needs. In Addition To National Standards,We Can Design And Manufacture According To American Standards, Japanese Standards, German Standards, Russian Standards, British Standards And So On.
41F4-16, J41F46-16 type fluorine-lined globe valve is suitable for various concentrations of aqua regia, fluid acid, hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid and various organic acids, strong acids, and strong oxidants at -50~150℃. It is also suitable for various A concentration of strong alkali organic solvents and other corrosive gases and liquid media are used in the pipeline.

Performance parameters of J41F46 fluorine-lined globe valve:
Nominal diameter: DN15~350mm;
Nominal pressure: PN1.0~2.5Mpa;
Connection form: flange connection;
Drive device: manual, worm gear drive, electric, pneumatic;
Applicable medium: sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, chlorine, strong alkali, aqua regia and any highly corrosive medium;
Design standard: follow GB/T12233, GB/T12235, ANSIB16.34;
Structural length standard: follow GB/T1221, HG/T 3704, ASME B16.10;
Pressure test standard: follow GB/T13927, API598;
J41F46 fluorine-lined globe valve executive standard:
Design specification: GB/T 12233 GB/T 12235
Structure length: GB/T 12221
Connecting flange: JB/T 78 JB/T 79
Test and inspection: GB/T 13927
Product identification: GB/T 12220
Supply specification: JB/T 7928


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