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ZCQ type self-priming magnetic drive pump

ZCQ type self-priming magnetic drive pump

Product Name:ZCQ type self-priming magnetic drive pump
Product Tag:self-priming magnetic drive pump
Update Date:2021/8/21 13:30:46

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1. Overview of ZCQ self-priming magnetic drive pump:
The pump uses static seals instead of dynamic seals, so that the flow parts of the pump are in a completely sealed state, which completely solves the problems of running, emitting, dripping and leaking that other pump mechanical seals cannot avoid. The materials of the pump body and flow parts are all adopted. It is made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel, corundum ceramics, tetrafluorographite and other materials. It not only has the function of a CQ type magnetic drive pump, but also integrates soap and suction. It does not need a bottom valve and irrigation water. The self-priming height is 4 meters.

2. Features of ZCQ self-priming magnetic drive pump:
The magnetic drive vortex pump has compact structure, beautiful appearance, small size, low noise, reliable operation, convenient use and maintenance, and can be widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, printing and dyeing, food, scientific research and other units to pump acid, alkali, and oil And rare precious liquids, venoms, volatile liquids, and circulating water equipment, especially for the pumping of leaky, flammable, and explosive liquids.

3. Working principle of ZCQ self-priming magnetic drive pump:
The pump adopts an external mixing axial backwater pump body structure. The pump body is composed of a liquid suction chamber, a liquid storage chamber, a volute, a return hole, and a gas-liquid separation chamber. The structure is shown in Figure 1. After the pump is started, under the action of centrifugal force, the remaining liquid in the suction chamber and the air in the liquid inlet pipe are stirred by the impeller to form a gas mixture. The mixture enters the gas-liquid separation chamber through the volute. As the speed slows down, the gas and water After separation, the air is discharged from the outlet of the pump, and the liquid returns to the pump through the water return hole. After multiple cycles, the air in the inlet pipe is drained, so that a certain degree of vacuum is formed in the pump to achieve self-priming.

4. Model definition of ZCQ self-priming magnetic drive pump:










​Self-priming performance

m/3 minutes

ZCQ25-20-115 25 20 15 110 1.1 2900 380 4
ZCQ32-25-115 32 25 15 110 1.1 2900 380 4
ZCQ32-25-145 32 25 25 110 1.1 2900 380 4
ZCQ40-32-132 40 32 20 180 2.2 2900 380 4
ZCQ40-32-160 40 32 32 180 4 2900 380 4
ZCQ50-40-145 50 40 25 240 4 2900 380 4
ZCQ50-40-160 50 40 32 220 4 2900 380 4
ZCQ65-50-145 65 50 25 280 5.5 2900 380 4
ZCQ65-50-160 65 50 32 450 7.5 2900 380 4
ZCQ80-65-125 80 65 20 800 7.5 2900 380 4
ZCQ80-65-160 80 65 32 800 15 2900 380 4
ZCQ100-80-160 100 80 32 1500 22 2900 380 4
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