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PBQ940 electric eccentric half ball valve

PBQ940 electric eccentric half ball valve

Product Category:BALL VALVE
Product Name:PBQ940 electric eccentric half ball valve
Product Tag:electric eccentric half ball valve
Update Date:2021/8/30 22:47:12

Note: Our Products Can Be Customized According To Customers' Needs. In Addition To National Standards,We Can Design And Manufacture According To American Standards, Japanese Standards, German Standards, Russian Standards, British Standards And So On.

Overview of PBQ940 electric eccentric semi-ball valve:

The double eccentric hemispherical valve is the best equipment for the transportation of pulverized coal, controlled gas, particle-containing fluid and powdered solid medium. It is a special valve for pulverized coal injection used in metallurgy and beneficiation production.

Features of PBQ940 electric eccentric semi-ball valve:

1. It solves the problems of slurry, mixed-flow liquid, dust and other media in industrial production in the pipeline transportation, such as precipitation, easy fouling, blockage, and loose valve closing.

2. The switch is light, the ball is separated from the shell when it is turned on, without any contact, the starting torque is small, and the rotation is flexible. When closed, the squeezing action of the hemisphere and the valve seat can remove the dirt on the sealing surface, so that the valve can be opened and closed smoothly, with high safety factor and good sealing performance.

3. The eccentric structure of the sealing surface enables the spherical surface to automatically compensate for wear and maintain the seal of the valve with a long service life.

4. The T-type valve is a wear-resistant hard-sealed ball valve, and its sealing pair material is special, and the sealing surface must undergo special wear-resistant treatment. After treatment, the surface reaches HRC65-72 degrees, so the wear resistance of the valve is particularly good.

5. The surface paint of the valve has two types: normal temperature and high temperature. Imported paint with a temperature resistance of 600℃ is used for high temperature. After spraying, the paint does not burn, carbonize, or coke after spraying. Does not change color.

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