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PBQ340F side mounted eccentric half ball valve

PBQ340F side mounted eccentric half ball valve

Product Category:BALL VALVE
Product Name:PBQ340F side mounted eccentric half ball valve
Product Tag:side mounted eccentric half ball valve
Update Date:2021/8/30 23:16:28

Note: Our Products Can Be Customized According To Customers' Needs. In Addition To National Standards,We Can Design And Manufacture According To American Standards, Japanese Standards, German Standards, Russian Standards, British Standards And So On.

Product overview: PBQ340H manual side-mounted eccentric hemispherical valve has reasonable design, compact structure, small circulation resistance, good sealing, light and flexible operation, and is especially suitable for low-pressure pipe networks of water, sewage, steam, pulp and other media. It can be equipped with electric, Pneumatic device can realize remote automatic operation.

Main uses and product features

1. General category: suitable for sewage treatment, pulp, gasified aluminum, and occasions with strict requirements for urban heating.

2. Special oil and chemical products: suitable for various oil products such as crude oil and heavy oil, corrosion-resistant, two-phase mixed-flow media in the chemical industry. The temperature resistance can reach 425℃.

3. Gas special category: suitable for the transmission control of coal gas, natural gas and liquefied gas. The product structure is characterized by different chromium-containing alloys for the sealing ring surfacing valve, tight sealing and corrosion resistance.

4. Slurry special type: suitable for liquid and solid two-phase mixed flow or industrial pipeline transportation where chemical reactions in liquid transportation have crystallization or scaling. Product structure characteristics are based on customer needs

The quality and temperature requirements are different. The sphere is surfacing with chromium-molybdenum and vanadium alloys, and the valve seat is surfacing with chromium, molybdenum alloy, chromium alloy, and stainless steel alloy electrodes to meet the needs of different slurry transportation.

5. Special category for pulverized coal ash and slag: suitable for the control of power plants, hydraulic slag removal or gaseous transportation pipelines. The product requires wear resistance, and the sphere adopts a combined ball type bimetal, which has a fairly high rigidity.

main advantage

1. The structure in which the outer step of the valve seat design matches the inner step of the valve body design can effectively prevent the ball and the valve seat from jamming and separating the valve seat.

2. Large flow area and no flow resistance: This is because the sphere is hidden in the valve cavity after opening, and there is no flow resistance in the direct current channel. The flow channel is unobstructed and there will be no fouling or jamming. The pressure loss is small, and the medium will not be deposited in the valve. Cavity.

3. Light switch: Due to the principle of eccentricity, the ball body and the valve seat are completely separated when opened, without any contact, the opening and closing torque is small, the opening and closing can be completed by turning 90 degrees, and the operation is light.

4. Reliable sealing and long service life: When the valve is closed under the action of double eccentricity, the eccentric sphere and valve seat become tighter and tighter, which fully achieves a good sealing purpose; there is a shear between the hemispherical cut sphere and the valve seat. The cutting and squeezing action can effectively remove the scale or dirt on the sealing surface and maintain a good seal. Under the action of double eccentricity, when the valve is opened, the ball and the valve seat are completely separated without any contact, and there will be no friction between the ball and the valve seat, which is very effective to overcome the traditional ball valve's sealing surface of the ball and the sealing surface of the valve seat. The problem of rubbing, so the sealing surface is well protected. The sealing surface is wear-resistant, and the valve seat and the ball are left in the compensation. When the valve seat is worn out, it can still be reliably sealed by turning a little when the closing length is increased. In addition, the valve seat can be adjusted or replaced to extend the service life. This is the characteristic of the hemispherical valve.

2. Product features:

1. The structure adopts the principle of eccentricity and compactness, and achieves the purpose of braking, adjustment and closing through the transmission mechanism. The seal pair is a metal surface ring with a hard surface contact seal. When the double eccentric structure is opened, the valve core is located in the storage ball chamber, and the flow cross section is large.

The valve is not cleaned, and the valve core is not cleaned when it is closed. When the spherical surface of the valve core is opened, the spherical surface of the valve core gradually moves along the valve seat, which effectively removes the scale barrier and realizes a reliable seal.

It is especially effective for the mixed flow of two-phase mixed flow expandable solids.

2. The hemisphere of the valve is made of bimetal. The base metal is welded with different alloys. The valve seat has also undergone special treatment and is suitable for corresponding surface treatment. The sealing surface combines various types, such as corrosion resistance, wear resistance, and high strength, which can meet the needs of different occasions.

3. Tight sealing, zero leakage of harmful gas during transportation

4. The valve core of the sealing pair has a compensation amount. When the valve is worn, it is slightly rotated when it is closed, which can reliably seal and prolong its service life.

In addition, the user can also unscrew the compression nut, and the valve seat can still be used after adjustment or replacement, avoiding the shortcomings of the entire waste material after the valve seal fails.

Third, due to the surfacing of different alloys (or combination balls), the bimetallic sealing pair can be used for wear, corrosion, high temperature and strict sealing conditions

1. General valve: Specification model DN40-1600.

Suitable for applications with strict requirements, such as sewage treatment, pulp, urban heating and heating

2. Special valve for oil chemistry: Specification DN40-1600.

Suitable for crude oil, heavy oil and other oil products, weak corrosion in the chemical industry, two-phase mixed flow medium

3. Gas dedicated valve: Specification DN40-1600.

Suitable for the control of conveying gas, natural gas and liquefied gas

4. Slurry special valve: specification DN40-1600.

It is suitable for industrial pipeline transportation of liquid or solid two-phase mixed flow or chemical precipitation or crystallization in liquid transportation.

5. Special valve for coal ash and slag: Specification DN40-1600.

Suitable for controlling power plants, hydraulic slag removal or gaseous conveying pipelines

Fourth, the implementation of standards:

Design: GB12237-89

Flange connection: GB/T17241.6-1998, GB/T9115 (steel)

Structure length: GB12221-89

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