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W series spring full lift safety valve

W series spring full lift safety valve

Product Category:SAFETY VALVE
Product Name:W series spring full lift safety valve
Product Tag:spring full lift safety valve
Update Date:2021/9/1 10:25:04

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Spring loaded full lift type safety valve (W series) Spring loaded full lift type safety valve (W series)

A68Y Instructions

W series spring full lift safety valves are mainly used in power station boilers, pressure vessels, and temperature and pressure reducing devices to ensure the safe operation of equipment.

Brief description of the structure of W series spring full lift safety valve

1. The spring full-lift safety valve has the characteristics of simple structure, good sealing performance, accurate opening pressure, large discharge capacity, small return pressure and convenient adjustment.

2. Nozzle-type valve seat: The valve seat is a Laval nozzle-type valve seat. When steam flows through the outlet of the valve seat, it reaches the speed of sound, and the discharge coefficient is large. Eclipse, long life.

3. Thermoelastic valve disc: The valve disc is designed as a thermoelastic structure, which uses its slight deformation under the medium pressure to improve the sealing ability and overcome the front leakage phenomenon of the safety valve when the pressure is close to the set pressure under the medium pressure. The disc sealing surface adopts advanced quenching technology to improve the hardness, wear resistance and impact resistance.

4. Upper adjustment ring: By adjusting the upper adjustment ring, the flow direction of the medium discharged from the valve seat is changed, so that the valve can obtain a proper return pressure.

5. Lower adjusting ring: Through the lower adjusting ring, the valve can quickly reach full opening when it starts and jumps.

6. Back pressure adjustment sleeve; an auxiliary mechanism for adjusting the back pressure of the disc, through the adjustment of the back pressure adjustment sleeve, a suitable return pressure difference can be obtained.

W series spring full lift safety valve

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